By: Riha Jaishi Authenticity is something we seek for with respect to everything we associate ourselves to. This aspect of
~By Afri Ismat Rahman This life is yours. Take the power of the choice you want to make and do
"No one else will ever know the power of my love for you. After all you are the only one
By: Riha Jaishi Bulks and bulks of information run down on newspapers, articles, web portals alerting us on how alarming
~By Afri Ismat Rahman A strong woman knows about the obstacles in her path and the wrong expectations people have
~By Priyakshi Saikia "Hahe Bahe Juti Logai Khaboloi Mon Jai" – A Phrase mostly heard in Assam. The Diverse Canvas
~By Chandrakala Daga When it’s a special occasion, Indian women like to wear something bold, Something glam, Something classy yet
~By Afri Ismat Rahman The COVID-19 pandemic has left no country untouched. Clearly, doctors, nurses, and health-care workers are at
~By Niiyor Kakoti I say I am a feminist and you laugh because 'Women have rights already'. And while you
~By Afri Ismat Rahman If there is anything we can learn from Lord Ganesha, it is: Be honest and do
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