Krang Suri Falls by Debanik

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By Debanik Chakraborty 

Hands down, it’s  the most magical waterfall one can set eyes on. Krang Suri is cut
off from the tourist district. Located in the hills of Jaintia, it takes time to get there
from Shillong; the capital of Meghalaya.
Krang Suri is blessed with sparkling waters and beaming sunshine. This nature’s
duo of water and sunshine sometimes reproduce another wonderful scenario
consisting of the rainbow. Nestled in the serenity of Jaintia hills, Krang Suri falls is
amongst one of the most scenic waterfalls of Meghalaya. All of these attract visitors
and the Krang Suri falls have recently gained popularity and many Youtubers and
Vloggers have also visited the place and given their opinion on the falls.
How to get there: The falls is blessed with shimmering blue waters and lush green
picturesque surrounding. It is almost a 3 hours drive from Shillong and another 20
minutes walk to the falls through an olde stone pathway brimming with natural
beauty. The enchanting tinkling sound of the falls keeps getting louder as one move
closer. Cars are allowed up to the point of the first signboard welcoming to Krang
Suri falls. After parking the car there, a walk for another couple of minutes through
the steps descending will lead to the waterfall. The nearest railhead and airport are
located in Guwahati, which is well connected to all major cities of the country.
When to go: The weather is quite pleasant throughout the year making it easy to
visit. Though one can Krang Suri falls any time of the year as it is a perennial
waterfall, but the best time would be anytime from the monsoons to winters.
Where to stay: Staying in Shillong and visiting the falls as a day trip would be the
best take. Starting early from Shillong, around 7:30am in morning, spending the
day soaking in the magnificent prospect of the surroundings and leaving by 3:30pm
or 4pm should be considered as the best use of the day and a proper stay at the
Shillong has a range of accommodation options to choose from. Hotel Polo Towers
is one of the best mid-range hotels. It is centrally located in the main city near
Police Bazaar. The rooms are well-kept and spacious. They have two in-house
restaurants – Sky Grill and Ginger. In addition, there is also a bakery shop that

serves tasty snacks and pastries. One can also base at Jowai. It is the nearest major
city and headquarters of the West Jaintia Hills district. Jowai has mainly home-
stays that offer basic amenities and homely ambiance.
What to do there: In the spot, there is a small entry fee of about Rs 50 per head to
the waterfall and if someone wants to swim, then life jackets are compulsory and
they cost Rs.100 per head. There are changing rooms to change into swimwear.
The Khasi guide will strap on the jacket and point out to places where one cannot
swim in. Rest is open for exploration. The water is cold, and the rocks underneath
are slippery. Swimming till the waterfall and putting head under the fall to
experience bliss is a must to do if visiting Krang Suri falls.
Places to visit close to Krang Suri: After visit to Krang Suri, one can head to
Dawki/Shnongpdeng. This is where the Umngot river flows and it is so clean, that
it gives the illusion of boats floating in thin air. The village is on the border on
Bangladesh, and can be seen from the river itself. Also, if time permits, a visit to
Mawlynnong -which is known to be Asia’s cleanest village and also has the Single
Decker Living Root Bridge.

Travel tips:
 Life jackets are compulsory for swimming in the plunge pool.
 Carry swimwear and spare clothes.
 Wear sturdy sports shoes or hiking shoes.
 Charges – Rs 50 as entry fee and Rs 100 as life jacket fee per person.
 Carry camphor on the trip. It is known to cure AMS – Acute Motion
Sickness, which is very common in the winding roads of the hills.




Image Source – Wildlife Zones

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