By Debanik Chakraborty  Hands down, it's  the most magical waterfall one can set eyes on. Krang Suri is cut off
By Debanik Chakraborty The Tyrshi Falls, which is in Meghalaya, is for those who really love nature and like to
Submitted by: KEKIEHEIGUMLE Lachit Borphukan who was a commander of the Ahom Kingdom is notable for his initiative in the
~By Nalini Bhattar With the world passing more years and more decades, adapting and advancing in new technologies one question
~By Riha Jaishi Bulks and bulks of information run down on newspapers, articles, web portals alerting us on how alarming
Sometimes,Every secondEvery minuteEvery hourEvery dayEverything seems to be blurred.Self doubt, absurdity are the only company.Dim, Dark and Dull are the
By: Sonal Sebastian Pandemic struck Northeast India exacerbating it's socio-political and economic vulnerability. The region comprised of seven sister states
~By Nalini Bhattar Development is a process that creates growth, progress, positive change or the addition of physical, economic, environmental,
Submitted By: Deeksha Bordoloi Introduction: Globalization in the everyday understanding refers to the growing inter-linkages and dependency found among world’s
~By Gitismita Das Introduction:The north east is one of the most beautiful and mysterious parts of india and the least
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